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Whether it's beef, chicken or lamb, Tandoori Halal Food promises 100% Halal food and meats. In the Arabic language, Halal means "lawful" or "permitted", and we sincerely hope that you will permit us to provide you with the highest-quality Halal meats, dishes and products. We understand your how important your beliefs and ideals are to you, and that's why we are proud to serve food that lives up to the standards of Islamic dietary principles; not to mention the best tasting Halal food in all of Worcester!

Our commitment to providing pure quality Halal food is driven by our love for our community and our enthusiasm for integrity. Our focus is centered on the requirements of Halal consumers and on all of our customers who seek food that is founded on great health and humane practices. We believe you, our customers, share this commitment as well, and that is why we will continue to guarantee Halal products of only the maximum standards. You won't find a better selection!

High quality foods come only from high quality ingredients, and at Tandoori Halal Food we combine only the highest-quality Halal meats and seasonings to create a unique harmony of flavor you won't soon forget. Strictly adhering to the responsibilities related to the preparation of Halal food, we are certain that you will find our dedication to our consumers to be quite clear. And with food this delicious and service this excellent, it can't be any more obvious. We appreciate your business and encourage you to contact us at anytime with any questions or concerns.

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